About Us

Why Does Anguilla Eats Exist?

Anguilla is a world renowned high end luxury destination that is famous for its cuisine. While both locals and visitors to the island have no shortage of stellar restaurants with exceptional options to choose from, there was no effective means of exploring these options or even discovering that they were there. This all changes with Anguilla Eats.

Anguilla Eats exists to act as an intermediary between independent restaurants with the tourists and locals of Anguilla.

Our goals are to empower:

1) Our users by providing them access to all of Anguilla’s culinary treasures and insights in a manner that’s easy to navigate, process and digest allowing them to find the meal that’s exactly what they’re looking for, faster and easier than ever.

2) The restaurants by allowing them to increase their visibility and reach by engaging directly with Anguilla’s entire local and tourist population on one simple, easy to use platform that is free to all users.


José, born and raised in Anguilla, is the owner and sole proprietor of Anguilla Eats. He was the 2014 Anguilla Island Scholar, has graduated from Bristol University with a Masters degree in Computer Science in 2018, is currently the IT Manager at Malliouhana - An Auberge Resort, and was recently appointed First Nominated Member of the Anguilla House of Assembly making him the youngest parliamentarian in Anguilla's History.

Anguilla Eats was built with the help of Ben & Rory from Canary & Delta.

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